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Issuing time:2018-08-22 15:35

Fiate Aviation Co., Ltd.  acquired Compact Radial Engines Inc. in Canada in 2017. CRE was formerly known as Konig-Moto found in Germany in 1927.

We manufacturer, distribute and service two and four stroke multipurpose engines. A great majority of our engines are used for ultra-light aciation because of their design and outstanding reliability. Proven by thousands of happy pilots and aircraft owners we continue to design and improve our lineup of engines.

Features in 2000 square meters factory we have four CNC mills, five CNC lathes, three manual mills, five EDM( Electrical diacharge machine), and large array of testing equipment and quality materials, maintain the high standards of manufacturing process, The highest product quality has been and will always be our number one pursuit.

Most of our engines find their application for powered paragliding (Paramotors), PPG trikes, powered chutes(PPC). flex wing trikes,variety of ultra-light airplanes, gyros and even light helicopters.

Every time when weight to power is critical MZ two stroke engines come to rescue. Ranging from 18hp to 85hp our line of two strokes offers choices to just about any application.

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